A Foodie’s Guide to Conscientious Culinary Cravings at CleanMed

This year, leaders in sustainable health care gather together at CleanMed in the vibrant city of Minneapolis, Minnesota. In store for attendees are three days of inspirational speakers, engaging learning sessions and peer to peer networking focused on solving the important health and sustainability issues of our time. Amongst the many topics explored at CleanMed is the sourcing and serving of healthy, local, and sustainably produced foods. In addition to food for thought,  CleanMed is opportunity to explore the burgeoning food culture of Minneapolis.

Within walking distance of the venue are a multitude of co-ops, food trucks, restaurants, breweries and farmers markets, sure to satisfy every craving from early morning coffee, to healthy snacks and regional and exotic cuisine.

Read on for a personal guided tour by Minneapolis-based foodie and Member Engagement Manager Iqbal Mian as he shares the best local food finds.