7 ways Southern California leads in sustainability

From a LEED Platinum hospital to the “coolest schools” in the country, Southern California is the perfect home for this year’s CleanMed.


California sustainability

With this year’s CleanMed being hosted in beautiful San Diego, we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the area’s inspiring sustainability accomplishments over the last year. From a LEED Platinum hospital to the “coolest schools” in the country, Southern California serves as the perfect backdrop for anyone looking to be among the best and the brightest in sustainable innovation.

San Diego commits to 100% clean electricity

“San Diego recently became one of the largest cities in the country to commit to the goal of 100 percent clean electricity city-wide. It’s just one part of a climate action plan that aims to cut the entire city’s global warming pollution over the next 18 years to half its 2010 levels.”

Kaiser Permanente opens LEED Platinum hospital in San Diego

Kaiser Permanente opened its state-of-the-art San Diego Medical Center in 2017, becoming one of the first hospitals to receive LEED Platinum for Healthcare certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. This 90-second video explains why.

California wind turbines

San Diego is one of the world’s 15 greenest cities

San Diego recently upgraded its streetlights to 14,000 smart, network connected LEDs, which are expected to save the city $2.4 million annually in energy costs. In 2017, Santa Monica introduced the first ordinance of its kind requiring all new single-family homes be built to achieve net zero energy.

3 Southern California schools top a national ranking for sustainability

University of San Diego has saved more than 10 million kilowatt-hours and 30 million gallons of water annually since 2010. University of California-Irvine implemented the first power-to-gas hydrogen pipeline injection project in the United States. Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles boasts almost 90,000 square feet of solar-powered rooftops and reclaimed-water irrigation systems.

San Diego’s Palomar Health aims for a 60% plant-based menu

“Often, the catalyst for major change can be difficult to pinpoint. But Jim Metzger, director of hospitality at Palomar Health, remembers the exact number that sparked a revolution at the San Diego hospital system. ‘About two years ago, the American Journal of Medicine found that 85 percent of the morbidity rate in the U.S. is determined by diet,’ he says. ‘It’s more important than smoking, regular fitness, alcohol consumption.’ And diet was the part of people’s’ lives that Palomar’s food service was poised to change.”

Southern California vegetables

LA residents vote for better public transportation and cleaner air

When the automobile was introduced, it quickly became one of the most disruptive technologies in history. Now with air pollution and health inequities devastating many parts of Los Angeles, residents are advocating for a new disruption in the transportation sector: more public transit options powered by clean energy. This year’s CleanMed keynote speaker Tony Seba, author of the #1 best-selling book Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation, will share his exciting research that will impact our lives over the next several generations.

Southern California Edison wins Utility of the Year

Southern California Edison (SCE) is working to create a cleaner energy future. A future where the electric grid is powered by 80 percent carbon-free energy. A future where there are more than 7 million electric vehicles on California’s roads. A more sustainable future with cleaner, healthier air for all Californians. SCE was recently recognized for its clean energy vision and leadership when it was named Utility of the Year by Utility Dive. Join a panel discussion about microgrids and resiliency featuring G&W Electric, GreenCity Power, Intelligent Generation, the International District Energy Association, the Thermal Energy Corporation, and Health Care Without Harm at this year’s CleanMed.