Building green

Build these green building sessions into your day at CleanMed


sustainable building

While it’s sunny in San Diego, hospitals around the country are still experiencing turbulent weather events and even recovering from wildfire damage. This year at CleanMed, the theme of resiliency remains strong in the green building category with new success stories utilizing technology and smart planning. Check out the following sessions from thought leaders who are presenting regardless of rain or snow:

– It doesn’t matter if it’s hurricanes or drought, this panel of experts including Robin Guenther showcases the lessons learned from extreme weather events and how to prepare.

– If the grid becomes unreliable, cogeneration and microgrids may be a viable option for your hospital campus.

– In the built environment, lighting plays a key role in ambiance and safety. Hear (and see) how tunable LEDs can support circadian rhythms while lowering the utility bill, and how healing gardens offer a variety of patient and staff benefits.

– Learn what it means to go after a net zero economy, and gain an understanding of why net zero is the new norm.

Seattle Children’s Hospital present their ambitious (yet achievable) strategic plan which reduced water and energy by 20%.

Dr. Aparna Bole and Dr. Ted Shieh demystify the clinical connections in building green as it relates to community health and impact.