Seba to keynote this year’s CleanMed

World-renowned clean energy expert to keynote this year’s CleanMed


Tony Seba keynotes CleanMed

Industry analysts told AT&T to expect 900,000 mobile phone subscribers by the year 2000.

They were off by about 108 million. By 2014 there were more than 7 billion mobile phones on earth. Experts call this technology disruption. Today we stand on the brink of the next disruptive technology revolution: clean energy.

This year’s CleanMed keynote, world-renowned energy expert, economist, and best-selling author Tony Seba, is on the forefront of clean energy disruption. When it comes to a clean energy future, so many people speak of the obstacles, policy barriers, and market challenges. Tony Seba takes a different approach.

Tony Seba Forbes

Using years of economic and energy data, he argues that we are not simply fighting an uphill battle when we talk about transitioning to a renewable economy. But rather, it’s an inevitability that presents an opportunity for health care to lead in the energy revolution.

Join us at CleanMed in San Diego May 7-9 to be a part of the the global energy future. Along with the keynote, CleanMed offers over 50 sessions in a variety of tracks for those on the leading edge of health care sustainability.


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