(A-10) Climate Change is a Nursing Issue: How Engaging Nurses Can Help Meet Your Organization’s Climate Goals

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Nurses, as front-line caregivers to patients, families and communities, are seeing increasing harms to human health as a result of warming temperatures, worsening storms and more virulent wildfires resulting from a changing climate. At the same time, the healthcare industry is responsible for 10% of U.S. greenhouse gases, which is further exacerbating this issue. Nursing, as the largest professional group in U.S. healthcare, has a unique opportunity to bring innovative insight and leadership to address this growing health concern.

As trusted health professionals, nurses are well-positioned to address this challenge and shift the trajectory of the health sector from one that worsens the problem to one that is leading in climate solutions. Come hear about three different ways nurses are working to reduce the health impacts of climate change inside and outside their facilities. You’ll also learn about an exciting new campaign that will provide nurses with the tools and resources they need to be leaders in climate action.

Climate Nurses