(A-5) Resiliency through Cogeneration and Microgrids

The medical sector is increasingly focused on resiliency due to grid outage concerns that may be exasperated due to the growing impact of climate change. Building resilient systems can provide electricity to critical operations that benefits the safety and security of patients during inclement weather or grid outages. This session addresses the energy side of resiliency through a discussion on the use of comprehensive microgrid systems, including cogeneration, as resilient and efficient energy solutions for the health care sector. Energy industry leaders with microgrid and cogeneration experience will present the benefits of microgrid services for resiliency, energy efficiency, and renewable energy.

John Andersen will moderate this panel discussion which will include insights from G&W Electric, GreenCity Power, Intelligent Generation, the International District Energy Association, the Thermal Energy Corporation (TECO), Health Care Without Harm, and health care representatives.

This panel discussion will focus on the design, financing, benefits, and performance of intelligent microgrid and combined heat and power systems. Panelists will present case studies on the performance of resilient systems during the 2017 storm season. Texas Medical Center will present on their combined heat and power system and how they were able to continue operations during Hurricane Harvey. Health care representatives will outline their insights into microgrid solutions as part of a resilient energy strategy for the health care sector.

Climate Energy