(A-7) Supply Chain: Next Generation Strategies in Sustainable and Equity-based Procurement in Health Care

Grande A

As health systems more fully adopt their “anchor mission,” they are increasingly realizing they can use their purchasing clout to create both community health and wealth in their communities. In this rapidly evolving space, health systems are linking their sustainability goals with health equity and business development. This broader vision of purchasing has the potential of creating a powerful bridge in health care organizations between sustainability, community health and workforce development initiatives.

Join thought leaders as they share their strategies on what this new integrated strategy in health care looks like. Procurement is a key strategy for reaching many sustainability goals in health care and driving market transformation. Hear how leaders in the sector create a supply chain culture that values sustainability and community level economic development, how they measure and assess progress, and the best ways to engage suppliers and to engage their own teams.

Greening the Supply Chain Safer Chemicals