(B-10) Nurses as Inspired Change Makers: Exemplars in Sustainable Foods

Executive Conference Room 2

While most nurses have taken a nutrition course, little is typically included about the human and ecological health impacts of our current agricultural practices and the resulting food quality. Nurses value nutrition for strong bodies, bright minds, and healthy communities. They are in an ideal position to help influence decisions, policies, and behaviors related to food as they change their own dietary behaviors, teach these concepts to patients and families, and advocate for healthier foods in workplaces, schools, and markets. In this session, we will discuss how nurses can help ensure our most vulnerable populations receive foods that are healthy, nutrient dense, and produced in a way that is also safe for the environment. Topics will include the use of hormones and non-therapeutic antibiotics in livestock production, the use of pesticides in plant production, and the ecological damage caused by industrial farming. Online apps will be introduced to investigate levels of pesticide residues on produce and levels of mercury in fish.

Food Nurses