(B-8) Choose Wisely: How NYU Langone and UVM Medical Center Carefully Partner with Material Recycling/Waste Vendors for Maximum Value

Nautilus 5

Join University of Vermont Medical Center and NYU Langone Health for an up and close look at two cost saving waste reduction strategies in the operating room setting – blue wrap recycling and single use device reprocessing. University of VT Medical Center will share details of their grass-roots blue wrap recycling that was started after realizing that they purchased six tons of blue wrap annually and wanted to do something about it! The cross-disciplinary presentation will offer attendees clinical, EVS, and waste hauler perspectives and insight and demonstrating the importance of strong vendor partnerships. NYU Langone will share their single use device reprocessing journey and how a strong partnership increased engagement and environmental impact.  Learn about incentives to maximize device collection and reprocessing, staff training and the role of data collection. NYU will also share how Earth Week has been a successful means of engaging employees in responsible electronics recycling. NYU Langone will stress how finding the right partner can become an important extension of your sustainability team when resources are tight.