Green Design

C6 – Achieving Patient Comfort and Resiliency through High Performance Design

200G May 17, 2017 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

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An increased awareness of the impacts of climate change on human health has pushed hospitals to consider new options for energy conservation and resilience to extreme weather events. At the same time, technological advancements have led to increased choices for hospital building envelopes. The time is right for an overview of the options to inform the health care community.

This panel will provide a framework for the issues and benefits when considering building envelope choices, including the use of frit, tint/coatings, exterior solar shades, operable windows and dynamic glazing systems (electrochromic, thermochromic, glazing cavity blinds). The choice of any of these systems is influenced by the local micro-climate, along with the specific needs of the program being developed. The framework will address these issues, along with a focus on patient safety and comfort, with a consideration for useful daylight, radiant temperatures, air movement, and acoustical issues.

The panel will also identify and demonstrate the use of some design tools for fa├žade analysis, as well as ways for clients to understand how the outputs of these tools influence their facilities. The overall goal for the session is that client leaders and design team members will leave the session with clarity about the range of current options and their role in hospital design.