(D-6) Achieving 20% Reductions in Energy and Water by 2020: A Strategic Plan by Seattle Children’s Hospital

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Seattle Children’s Hospital is embarking on an effort to substantially reduce energy and water consumption in the oldest sections of its 1.3 million square foot campus. Using an infrastructure asset risk analysis as a foundation for this effort, the team was able to tie environmental goals to organizational stabilization goals. Called the “2020 Plan,” the hospital solidified goals of reducing both energy and water consumption by 20% from 2012 levels by the year 2020. Through partnership with the University of Washington Integrated Design Lab and SOLARC Energy Group, the hospital initiated a process to better understand its current energy use and develop an action plan for realizing success toward their energy and water goals. This action plan includes year-by-year actions that will lead to successful achievement of the goal including energy and water savings calculations, capital cost implications, and necessary internal support mechanisms.

The team’s approach for developing the strategic plan included analysis of existing information, detailed interviews with facility staff and consultants familiar with the campus, several in-depth group working sessions, site visits and walkthroughs, analysis of energy, water and trend-log data, and deep feedback from hospital stakeholders.

This panel presentation will outline the hospital’s motivations and goal toward realizing energy and water goals, walk through the process and results of the strategic plan for meeting 20% energy and water reduction by the year 2020, progress on the goal since 2012, and opportunities and obstacles that this process has uncovered.

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