(D-8) A Case Study of UCLA Health’s Drive Toward Zero Waste Management

Nautilus 5

This session will be a review of UCLA Health’s journey toward zero waste: a target that was set by the University of California (UC) system. As a start, in an effort to better understand and manage their data, UCLA Health partnered with Waste Management Sustainability to manage all their invoices and upload all waste data into a comprehensive reporting software that includes blue wrap, confidential documents, donations, hazardous pharmaceuticals, hazardous waste, metal, non-hazardous pharmaceuticals, organics, reusable sharps containers, RMW, single stream recycling, single use medical device reprocessing, trace chemotherapy, trash, universal waste, pathology, pallets, and cardboard.

Recently UCLA Health drove up their diversion rate by rolling out reusable isolation gowns, zero waste dining facilities, OR recycling, patient room recycling, single use device reprocessing expansion, a Green Unit Checklist, a redesigned loading dock, and more.

UCLA Health also focused on inefficiencies in waste flows and higher than necessary costs, resulting in reexamining all regulated waste processes (sharps, RCRA).