(D-9) Physician Engagement is Vital to Health Care Sustainability

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Clinician engagement is paramount to the success of any health care sustainability initiative. For over a decade, Cleveland Clinic, a 1400-bed academic medical center, has fostered clinician and physician passion for environmental awareness and succeeded in waste and energy reduction programs across its enterprise.

One targeted area for improved environmental efficiency in hospitals is in the operating room (OR) which accounts for 20-40 percent of hospital waste. With its 101 operating rooms, Cleveland Clinic is committed to greening the OR practices, with accomplishments including energy conservation through OR setbacks, a 60 percent energy decrease with LED lighting, and elimination of desflurane, resulting in a 1 percent carbon footprint reduction. All this would not have been possible without leveraging clinicians as major stakeholders partnering with multidisciplinary teams in this pursuit.

In this interactive panel format, Cleveland Clinic will give a broad overview of their OR sustainability programs over the past five years and highlight the Ken Lee Memorial Fellowship Program which has created a legacy of sustainability in multi-generations of physicians. Additionally, they will discuss strategies for achieving support from the top ranks of administration and strategies for engaging clinicians at all levels and stages of their careers, emphasizing the use of evidence-based medicine. They will close by highlighting their team approach to clinician engagement and greening the OR. These strategies can be used in facilitating greening the OR programs at other institutions and can also be extrapolated for many other facets in achieving greener hospitals. The session will close with questions from the audience.

Greening the OR Physicians