(E-6) Healing Gardens and Green Roofs: The Reinvention of Patient Care

Nautilus 4

Many hospitals have realized that healing requires more than treating a patient medically. Learn how features such as a healing garden or green roof can inspire, provide hope, and offer a calming sanctuary for patients, families, and staff. Learn from a former hospital CEO why he made healing gardens a strategic priority and what impact they have had. Take a deeper look at a case study for the Ulfelder Healing Garden at Yawkey Building, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston MA to understand what considerations are made for healing gardens centered on cancer treatment. A deeper look will be provided through a case study of Washington D.C.’s Sibley Memorial Hospital a member of Johns Hopkins Medicine, Sibley Memorial has made green roof installation a priority on not only their new hospital expansion, but also on their existing structures. Discover  how green roofs aid in healing not solely patients, but also the environment by reducing the heat island effect, managing stormwater, and improving air quality. The presentation will highlight the important elements in establishing a healthy green roof for long-term performance and maximizing stormwater retention.  Understand how a health care facility is utilizing Leslie’s Healing Garden – a green roof on top of the Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center at the University of Nebraska Medical Center – to successfully marry design principles that promote improved patient outcomes outside of traditional delivery of patient care.

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