(E-9) Moving Beyond Barriers to a Culture of Sustainability and Less Waste in the OR

Nautilus 5

It is said that a journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step, and the process of changing attitudes and behaviors regarding waste in the environment of an academic, level-one trauma center’s operating rooms can seem like a 1000-mile journey on foot. This session will examine common barriers to recycling and waste reduction in the perioperative environment, as well as the strategic education, engagement, surveys, effective auditing and qualitative and quantitative measuring needed to overcome those challenges. Speakers from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Mayo Clinic will share specific strategies and describe their processes and results, as well as lead attendees through interactive exercises.

  • Discuss the environmental, economic and public health impact of solid waste in health care, and specifically the OR
  • Highlight methods for auditing and measuring waste streams in the OR and surveying perioperative staff to identify opportunities and track progress toward diversion goals. Attendees will draft tracking templates to bring back to own facilities.
  • Learn strategies for overcoming perceived barriers, challenges, and setting up successful waste stream management in the OR
  • Highlight case study examples of education, engagement and behavior change methods that can lead to waste reduction in the OR. Attendees will participate in interactive activities that they can replicate at their own organizations.
Greening the OR Physicians Waste