(F-9) Reducing the Environmental Impact of Pharmaceutical Waste in the OR

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It’s no surprise, the operating room generates a lot of waste. The NYU School of Medicine found 99% of surgical eye drops are thrown out during cataract surgeries, resulting in nearly $170,000 wasted drugs per year at a single facility.

Accessible emergency drugs are necessary to have at the ready when performing surgery, but if clinicians carefully consider the shelf life of medications drawn up outside the pharmacy, examine strategies to reduce pharmaceutical waste at the source, and properly dispose of medications; they can help minimize the migration of pharmaceuticals into ground water, as well as minimize the footprint of their organizations and help save valuable financial resources.

Join the researchers from NYU School of Medicine and assistant professor of Anesthesiology from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center to discuss sources of pharmaceutical waste in the OR, methods to measure and quantify pharmaceutical waste for accurate tracking, and strategies to minimize pharmaceutical waste in the OR.

Physician CME: 1 hour| ANCC: 1 hour

Greening the OR Physicians Waste