Daniel Constant

Daniel Constant

Consultant, Sustainable Solutions, LLC

Dan Constant is a recognized solution provider for the post commercial, industrial and consumer recycling markets, known for producing results with challenged materials and programs. Dan has created valuable relationships with plastic compounders, re-processors, molders, distribution warehouses, charitable organizations and recycling companies that have a firm hold on the processing, manufacturing and distribution of plastic products globally.

Dan’s tenor with recycling initiatives has spanned over 18 years, with key relationships and a vast knowledge in all plastics, machinery and resin and molding processes.

Over the last 13 years, Dan has experience providing recycling services and consulting with Halyard Health formally Kimberly-Clark within the health care sector. This service and relationship has provided Dan valuable understanding of the health care industry and more specifically hospital operating room waste, hospital culture and collection habits.

A major part of understanding the recycling industry is a continued knowledge of plastics and applications. Dan has conducted research and served on task groups that have re-shaped the recycling industry. These organizations include; Society of Plastic Engineers, Association of Post Consumer Recycling, Keep Texas Beautiful, Association of Grocers, Sustainable Furniture Council, Automotive Sustainability Council and Halyard Health’s Blue renew program.

(F-8) Creating a Circular Economy with OR Waste

Grande A

This panel discussion will be a high level education on how to create a circular economy with OR waste.  Topics will include the current state of the recycling market, recyclers perception of OR waste programs, the type of programs available that have the best chance of success, clean collection techniques, and circular economy opportunities. We have […]

Greening the OR Waste