Edward Clark

Edward Clark

Director and Healthy Building Designer, Circa Dies

Ed Clark works at the intersection of high performance built solutions and the human condition, seeking to support nurturing environments to improve experience and promote wellness. He develops building and district-scaled sustainable strategies and is at the cutting-edge in the application of circadian lighting research in healthcare and workplace environments. Ed believes that translational collaboration with research and academia is essential to the success and advancement of circadian lighting design in practice. His expertise has informed conventions of circadian lighting design for the U.S. General Services Administration. He was a key contributor in the creation of Lark Spectral Lighting, a circadian lighting design tool created by the University of Washington and ZGF Architects


(A-6) Tunable LED Lighting Systems for Energy-Efficiency and Circadian Support in Health Care

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Lighting in U.S health care facilities accounts for forty-three percent of electricity use, leading many managers to incorporate LED lighting in their energy efficiency programs. However, few are fully leveraging this technology to benefit patients, families, and staff. Features such as directionality, dimming, zoning, and color changing can improve experiences in health care facilities for […]

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