Jonathan Slutzman, MD

Jonathan Slutzman, MD

Clinical Instructor of Emergency Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School

Dr. Slutzman is an Instructor in Emergency Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. He holds a BSE, with honors, in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Princeton University, an Intern Engineer certificate from the State of New York, and an MD with distinction in disaster medicine from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Prior to a career in medicine, Dr. Slutzman was a consulting environmental engineer, completing projects in a variety of areas within environmental, health, and safety assessment. These included industrial facility audits, commercial and industrial site assessments, environmental life-cycle impact assessments, and disaster management exercises. He has completed, published, and presented work on medicine and nuclear war, suburban flood hydrology, health care cost modeling, and environmental life-cycle assessment of health care processes. His academic focus is on the costs, both financial and environmental, of health care.

(E-4) Climate Change and Emergency Medicine: A Specialty on the Frontline

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Climate change presents broad ethical and practical challenges for the house of medicine. Those of us in health care walk a difficult line as we contribute substantial greenhouse gas emissions through our clinical practice environments while also witnessing the adverse health impacts from climate change. Emergency departments sit on the frontline as emergency medicine is […]

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