Lauren Berkow, MD

Lauren Berkow, MD

Associate Professor, University of Florida College of Medicine

Lauren Berkow, MD is an Associate Professor of Anesthesiology at University of Florida. She sits on the American Society for Anesthesiologist’s Task Force on Environmental Sustainability. Karin Zuegge, MD is an Associte Professor of Anesthesiology at University of Wisconsin and the OR Sustainability Coordinator for UWHealth.

(C-9) Engaging Clinicians in Sustainability Using Novel and Creative Methods

Nautilus 3

This interactive panel will begin with a short didactic talk reviewing the common barriers to engaging clinicians in sustainability practices. A new app will be demonstrated in an interactive fashion that teaches clinicians how to “gas greener” by educating and allowing participants to track inhalational anesthetic usage and reduce wastage. The remainder of the panel […]

Greening the OR Physicians