Lee Ballance, MD

Lee Ballance, MD

Group Leader, Citizens’ Climate Lobby & Adjunct Faculty, Primary Care Department, Touro University School of Osteopathic Medicine

After training as an internist, Dr. Ballance practiced Primary Care for three years in western Massachusetts. Upon moving to California he became an Emergency Medicine physician then transitioned into a Musculoskeletal Medicine position in The Permanente Medical Group of Northern California. While there he also served as Chief of Continuing Medical Education, Co-Chair of Pharmacy and Therapeutics, and Chief of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Since his retirement in 2013 Dr. Ballance has been an active member of Citizens Climate Lobby serving as a Group Leader of the Alameda County Chapter and as a member of the Climate and Health Action Team.

(B-4) Become a Clinician Climate Advocate: Use Your Trusted Voice for Change

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As trusted messengers, physicians and nurses have an opportunity to influence public opinion about climate change, as well as climate policy at the local, state, and federal levels. This interactive workshop will provide clinicians with the skills and resources needed to influence policy makers, communicate effectively, and engage the media. Participants will learn from the […]

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