Pam DeVries, RN

Pam DeVries, RN

System Value Analysis Manager, Rochester Regional Health

Pam DeVries, RN, is the system value analysis manager for Rochester Regional Health in Rochester, NY. Rochester Regional Health has over 16000 employees and 1,692 beds. She is responsible for leading the value analysis committee and leading the discussion when deciding which products are purchased for the health system. Pam is also the Rochester Regional Health Safety Champion and a member of the safer materials leadership group. Pam has 28 years of experience in oncology, emergency room, PICC team, IV team, nursing education, epic EMR analyst and value analysis. She graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor of science degree in Nursing from Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester, NY.

(B-7) Making Environmental Purchasing a Priority in Value Analysis

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Value analysis is a process that considers a number of issues of importance to health care organizations including patient health, safety, efficacy, and value. For organizations embarking on their sustainability journey, environmental purchasing is key to reaching sustainability goals on waste reduction, energy efficiency, safer chemicals, healthier food and more. Some organizations struggle to add […]

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