Rob Byron, MD, MPH

Rob Byron, MD, MPH

Citizens’ Climate Lobby & Hardin Memorial Hospital

Dr. Robert Byron is an internist who works at the Bighorn Valley Health Center in Hardin, Montana, and as a hospitalist at St. Vincent’s Healthcare in Billings, after having worked for over two decades on the Crow Indian Reservation for Indian Health Service. He was appointed to the Montana Board of Environmental Review by the Governor. A former governor of the Montana Chapter of the American College of Physicians, Dr. Byron, and his wife, Dr. Lori Byron, have been strong advocates for addressing climate change, particularly as relates to the public health and environmental justice aspects. Dr. Byron is a member of the Citizens Climate Lobby Climate and Health Team.

(B-4) Become a Clinician Climate Advocate: Use Your Trusted Voice for Change

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As trusted messengers, physicians and nurses have an opportunity to influence public opinion about climate change, as well as climate policy at the local, state, and federal levels. This interactive workshop will provide clinicians with the skills and resources needed to influence policy makers, communicate effectively, and engage the media. Participants will learn from the […]

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