Stacia Clinton, RD, LDN

Stacia Clinton, RD, LDN

National Program Director, Healthy Food in Health Care Program, Health Care Without Harm

Stacia Clinton is the National Director for the Healthy Food in Health Care Program, an initiative of the the global non-profit organization Health Care Without Harm. She guides local and sustainable institutional purchasing and policy action through their network of over 1000 facilities nationwide and serves as an advisor to the organization on the impact of diet on individual and environmental health. She is chair of the Clinician Champions in Comprehensive Antibiotic Stewardship (CCCAS) collaborative, a joint effort of the Pediatric Infectious Disease Society and Health Care Without Harm. Stacia has extensive experience in the field of food service and clinical nutrition management with past positions in small and large scale health care facilities. Her commentary has been featured in publications such as Today’s Dietitian, Food Service Director magazine and Time magazine.

(F-10) Reducing Antimicrobial Resistance: How Health Professionals Can Help

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Rising rates of antimicrobial resistance threaten the ability of clinicians to treat even the most basic infections. Evidence has demonstrated that hospital-based antibiotic stewardship programs (ASPs) significantly reduce hospital rates of antibiotic resistant infections however most existing ASPs fail to address the upstream causes of community exposure to antibiotic resistant bacteria caused by pharmaceutical pollution […]

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