Waste is not just garbage

Waste and materials sessions at CleanMed


recycle waste materials sessions

The most powerful environmental stewardship activities make the connection among people, the planet, and its natural resources. Waste is not just garbage – it’s purchasing, transportation, processing, treatment, shipping, burning, and burying. It’s drinking water and soil and the air we breathe. While teams must always set their sights on the horizon for emerging opportunities in environmental stewardship, it’s critical to maintain a consistent focus on materials and wastes as a foundational requirement. These CleanMed sessions offer a unique opportunity to come together and tackle the challenges of material and waste for a healthier future.

Stanford gets real with a pause, review, and reboot of medical plastic recycling as a result of new commingled plastics restrictions, and UCLA shares their drive toward zero waste.

Choose Wisely shares how two facilities found the right business partners to maximize recycling and single use device reprocessing programs.

– Multi-stakeholder teams help navigate the conflicting regulatory guidance for legal and safe pharmaceuticals management.

Advocate Health Care and Cleveland Clinic share their strategies for donation, internal reuse, and end-of-life management for equipment and excess supplies.

– A panel including a physician and Mayo Clinic’s sustainability officer discusses how to create a culture of less waste in the operating room.

– Crossing tracks among engaged leadership, waste, and community benefit, HealthPartners shares the results of a medication take-back initiative.