Changing how physicians think about health care delivery

Physicians from across the country will gather May 7-9 in Music City to explore their roles in promoting environmentally responsible health care. CleanMed, a networking and educational event, will change the way physicians think about health and health care delivery and will inspire them to lead the way toward a sustainable future.


“When I attended CleanMed last year, I couldn’t believe my fortune that an event and network like this even existed. My breadth of knowledge on the subject expanded tenfold after my attendance to the point where I am now known as the ‘it girl’ in my department when it comes to sustainability in health care.”

– Dr. Emily Sbiroli, University of California San Diego Health System resident


By participating in the many physician-led sessions at CleanMed, you will:

•  Understand the health impacts of climate on vulnerable patients from leading physician experts.

•  Hear from emergency physicians and find out why they think it is critical that hospitals be climate-ready for extreme weather.

•  Learn about clinically sustainable health care and how it can be achieved.

•  Be inspired by the innovative ways Nashville clinicians are working to build a healthier, more sustainable food system.

•  Explore financial solutions to the climate crisis including fossil fuel divestment, carbon pricing, and retirement plans.

•  Have the opportunity to attend a variety of anesthesiologist-led sessions and find out how they are reducing anesthetic gases and Greening the OR.