Visionary Leader

Recognizing senior-level health care executives with extraordinary vision

Practice Greenhealth created the Visionary Leader Award to recognize a senior-level health care executive with extraordinary vision who has made significant contributions to health care sustainability through groundbreaking and innovative strategies and mentorship.

Nominees should have:

  • Advocated for and woven sustainability and environmental stewardship into health care operational excellence
  • Been a builder, mobilizer, changemaker, or unifier of people to make a substantive impact on health care sustainability, and
  • Used their voice to create an impact on health care sustainability beyond the four walls of the institution through mentorship, editorials, speaking engagements, advocacy, or other mechanisms.

Please include measures of success and/or achievements as well as examples of how this executive exemplifies the criteria above. Include any other insights that would help describe the nominee’s impact on driving environmental stewardship at the most senior levels of the health care organization.

Application deadline has now passed.