The Climate and Health Innovation Award

Recognizing innovative work that addresses the health impacts of climate change

The Climate and Health Innovation Award recognizes a hospital or health system for innovative work that addresses the health and equity impacts of climate change.

The work can be a project, program, or process related to:

  • reducing the hospital or supply chain carbon footprint,
  • improving facility infrastructure or strengthening community climate resilience, 
  • or a communications, advocacy, or education initiative.


The Health Care Climate Council is looking for innovative approaches for reducing carbon emissions and/or improving climate resilience. Judges from the council will consider an applicant’s overall work on climate, but the focus of this award is to identify “out-of-the-box” approaches that could help the sector move forward in ways that have not yet been widely deployed. For example, a project may have a relatively small numerical impact on carbon emissions but a big impact on community engagement, or a project may employ a new technology or business model and have a large numerical impact.

The winner will be recognized at CleanMed 2022 May 10-12 in Kansas City and will be considered for membership in the Health Care Climate Council.

Applications are due Feb. 1. Winners will be notified via email by March 1.


  • Must be a Practice Greenhealth member. 
  • Must complete the climate section of the 2022 Environmental Excellence Awards application.
  • The activity must have been initiated in the prior two years.

Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Demonstration of innovation and benefit of activity.
  • Measurable results or actions (e.g. reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, number of employees doing activity).
  • Ability to be replicated by others, including commitment by the hospital to share lessons learned.

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