Emerging Physician Leader Award application

Recognizing promising physician leadership for a sustainable future

The Emerging Physician Leader Award and Scholarship was established in 2018 by the Health Care Without Harm Physician Network, recognizing the importance of mentoring and supporting the next generation of physician sustainability champions.

The new award recognizes a medical student, resident, or fellow who has demonstrated a passion for sustainable health care and a commitment to environmental leadership.

The Physician Network Advisory Committee, which will select the award recipient(s), is seeking medical students, residents, or fellows who show promising physician leadership for a sustainable future. Applications will be evaluated based on the applicant’s:

  • Environmental interests
  • Sustainability efforts
  • Plans to incorporate environmental leadership into career
  • Alignment of interests with the goals of the Physician Network and how CleanMed will support the applicant’s work
  • Leadership potential

Winner(s) will receive a full CleanMed registration, accommodations for three nights at the conference hotel, and a travel stipend for transportation to and from the conference. The winner will be recognized at CleanMed, be featured in a Physicians in Action profile, and be considered for membership on the Physician Network Advisory Committee.

Apply today for the The Emerging Physician Leader Award and Scholarship using the form below:

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