Anna Weinroth Ward

Anna Weinroth Ward

Director, Sustainability, HCA Healthcare

Anna Weinroth Ward is the first Director, Sustainability for HCA Healthcare, a healthcare system organization in 21 states. Anna works across business units to identify and implement enterprise-wide environmental sustainability solutions. She helps set the agenda and gathers information for HCA’s multidisciplinary Sustainability Steering Committee in support of HCA’s sustainability plan. She is also the primary contact for approximately 185 Sustainability Coordinators at HCA Healthcare hospitals and manages communications to that group. As chair of HCA’s Waste Stream Task Force, she addresses topics such as recycling and regulated medical waste under the integrated-waste contracts. In addition, Anna is subject matter expert on pharmaceutical waste, highly-infectious-waste – Ebola, organic and food waste, and certain matters under state and federal rules and regulations. She is certified in healthcare compliance. Anna practiced law in Washington, D.C.

B3 – Hazardous Pharmaceutical Waste: EPA Update

Cumberland 1/2

Pharmaceuticals that are considered hazardous drugs under the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) are not necessarily the same drugs that become hazardous pharmaceutical waste under the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). When someone says “hazardous drugs” how does a healthcare provider know which rules and standards apply, when they apply, and what Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) must […]