Bill Ravanesi

Bill Ravanesi

Senior Director Green Building & Energy Program, Health Care Without Harm

Bill came to HCWH in 1997 after graduating from Robert Wood Johnson Medical School with an MPH degree in environmental health. Over the years his work in Boston has served as a pilot and example for hospitals around the US. Currently, his focus is on policy advocacy work at the state level. He is Co-Coordinator Health Care Working Group for the Mayor’s Green Ribbon Commission and Co-Director of the Massachusetts Health Care Climate Alliance. He lives in Boston with his wife Mary. His daughter, Isabella is studying to be a physician’s assistant.

D7 – Funding Resilient Energy Systems

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Months and even years after the winds subside and the floodwaters recede, hospitals and health systems in regions battered by an extreme weather event like Superstorm Sandy or a hurricane “will still be grappling with the financial, physical and reputational wreckage such storms cause.” (“Incoming hurricanes could mean a flood of problems for health systems” […]