Bob Dunn

Bob Dunn

President, FoodService Partners LLC

Bob Dunn is one of the founders and President of FoodService Partners, a privately held company created to design, build and operate high volume production kitchens serving healthcare customers and the retail trade. Bob was a senior vice president of Caterair International, a billion-dollar caterer serving 200 airlines out of 117 kitchens on 5 continents, producing 400,000 meals a day with 20,000 employees.

D8 – Anchors in Resilient Communities: Lessons and Tools From the Field

Cumberland 6

Through purchasing, policy, and partnerships, hospitals are embracing their role as anchor institutions and applying their social and economic influence and intellectual resources to better the long-term public and environmental health of their communities. Rooted in place, hospitals hold significant real estate investments and social capital that, when coupled with their purchasing power and position […]

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