Brian Chesebro, MD

Brian Chesebro, MD

Clinical Anesthesiologist, Oregon Anesthesiology Group / Providence St Joseph Health

Dr. Chesebro is a private-practice clinical anesthesiologist in Portland, OR. Following medical school at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Dr. Chesebro completed his anesthesia residency training and a T32-research fellowship at University of California, San Francisco.   Upon moving to Portland, Dr. Chesebro joined the Oregon Anesthesiology Group and works within Providence St Joseph Health (PSJH). His sustainability efforts have focused on reducing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the clinical practice of anesthesia. His strategy involves combining disparate data sources from the electronic medical record (EMR) and facility purchasing data to create an individualized, data-driven educational initiative.   To date, these initiatives have been implemented across several states within the PSJH, as well as within several other hospital systems in the Pacific Northwest, yielding significant reductions in cost and greenhouse gas emissions.

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