Bruce Bekkar, MD

Bruce Bekkar, MD

Physician and Climate Activist

Bruce Bekkar, MD is an Ob/Gyn physician and climate activist who currently serves on ecoAmerica’s Climate for Health Ambassador Program Advisory Committee and the Climate Reality Project’s “24 Hours of Reality” Health Advisory Panel as well as co-leading their Health Interest Group. He has testified before the California State Senate and lobbied in the state capitol on health-related climate legislation for the American Lung Association and is a Board Member of the Climate Action Campaign and the Climate Defenders Action Fund. A frequent speaker on health and climate issues, Bruce recently presented original research on climate change and women’s health at the American Public Health Association annual meeting in Atlanta.

C2 – Protecting the Vulnerable from Climate Change: A Multi-specialty Perspective

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The evidence is clear that climate change is impacting health. As the 2018 Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change reports, these health harms are broad and increasing due to such threats as rising temperatures, extreme weather events, air pollution and vector- and water-borne diseases. However, climate change is not an equal opportunity threat as […]

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