Dan Constant

Dan Constant

President, Sustainable Solutions, LLC

Dan’s tenor with recycling initiatives has spanned over 20 years. Over the last 15 years, Dan has experience in providing blue wrap collection, OR recycling and consulting services with Halyard Health formally Kimberly-Clark within the health care sector. These services and relationship have provided Dan valuable understanding of the health care industry and more specifically hospital operating room waste, hospital culture and collection habits.

To date, Dan has visited and engaged more than 1000 hospitals discussing potential programs to make this material more sustainable. Dan’s leadership has supported more than 500 hospitals diverting over 6 million lbs. from the landfill annually.

Most recently, Dan has set his efforts on creating a “Circular Economy” of Blue wrap by creating BlueCON Resin, this one of a kind resin is made from 90% hospital OR waste and is used to make environmentally preferred products hospitals use every day.

I9 – Circular Solutions for Medical Plastics: International Problems and Local Fixes

Cumberland 3/4

In January 2018, China banned all imports of recyclable waste from the United States. Now 70 percent of our plastic waste has nowhere to go and waste management companies are desperately searching for solutions. The United States lacks the infrastructure to process/recycle all of the waste it creates, and landfills are approaching capacity at alarming […]

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