Gary Mullaney

Gary Mullaney

Senior Energy Consultant, Kaiser Permanente

Gary Mullaney is a Senior Energy Consultant at Kaiser Permanente responsible for helping to manage Kaiser Permanete’s Sustainable Energy and Water programs across eight states and the District of Columbia. Gary has worked at Kaiser Permanente for four years in energy management including both demand and supply side energy management and change management. Before that Gary served on active duty in the U.S. Army for eight years in various command and staff roles in combat operations and training. Gary holds a Master’s in Business Administration from University of California – Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from the United States Military Academy.

I4 – Evolution of Microgrid and Battery Storage to Produce Reliable Power More Efficiently

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Hospitals and health care facilities are essential to the communities they serve and therefore must be reliable and operational to perform critical functions. Energy system failures pose too significant a risk to healthcare facilities and the patient’s they serve. Thus, the healthcare systems are integrating microgrid and battery storage technologies to help deliver uninterrupted service […]

Energy Resilience

C3 – Greening the OR? Behavioral Science to the Rescue

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Getting started with greening the operating room can be a daunting task. Front-line clinicians in the fast-paced, high-intensity operating room (OR) environment face many challenges. Engaging clinicians in green practices and encouraging sustainable culture change is a process that requires thoughtful, ongoing efforts. Many change endeavors fail, and lead to employee dissatisfaction, inefficiencies, or issues […]

Clinical advocacy Greening the OR