James Draheim

James Draheim

President, Sustainable Sciences Group, LLC

James Draheim has over 30 years of experience working globally on diverse projects that represent work in the fields of health care, science and technology and education with high-profile clients and public sector agencies; including major medical institutions, research universities, US and non-US government facilities.

Passionate about sustainability and technology used in the practice of architecture and engineering to develop and promote Sustainable Healthcare Solutions. His current focus is in development of Net Zero (Water & Energy) Healthcare facilities to serve the global need for improving healthcare delivery. Mr. Draheim primarily focuses on design and program management for large international projects – with particular emphasis on healthcare and education where there are financial and social benefits and a sustainability focus.

A graduate from the University of Nebraska РLincoln with BS and Master of Architecture degrees he currently also sits on the Advisory Board of Pansant̩ AB.

B6 – Healthy, Resilient Buildings and Infrastructure: Using Economic Analysis for Success

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As progressive health care facilities are designed and built with greater rigor, resiliency, and levels of sustainability, decision makers must consider all the ways in which those facilities can be completed while meeting an environment of greater scrutiny. This daunting task is made even more complex when green building and regulatory standards are integrated into […]

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