Janet Howard

Janet Howard

Director, Member Engagement for Practice Greenhealth

Janet Howard is Director, Member Engagement for Practice Greenhealth. Janet manages the member engagement team in providing technical assistance, fresh content and education for its over 1,000 health care provider members. Janet is the content lead on engaging leadership and materials and waste. Her latest toolkit focused on “Less Food to Landfill.” She pioneered environmental interventions in health care from 1991-2004 for Continuum Health Partners in New York City.

B5 – Green Benefits: Implementing Employee Perks in Your Organization

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Recruitment, retention and satisfaction is on the mind of health care leaders. 2018 marked an 18.5 percent turnover rate in the health care sector, the highest rate in a decade. Last year, 24 percent of new hires left within a year.  High turnover combined with health care growth is creating staffing gaps, which impact the […]

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