Jodi Sherman

Jodi Sherman

Director of Sustainability in Anesthesiology at Yale-New Haven Hospital

Jodi Sherman is Associate Professor of Anesthesiology at Yale School of Medicine, and Associate Professor of Epidemiology in Environmental Health Sciences and Affiliate Faculty of the Climate Change and Health Initiative at the Yale School of Public Health, and Director of Sustainability in Anesthesiology.  Dr. Sherman is an internationally recognized speaker and author in the emerging field of sustainability in clinical care. Her research interest is in life cycle assessment (LCA) greenhouse gas emissions, human health impacts, and economic densities of entire health systems, drugs, devices, and clinical care pathways, and performance metrics to help guide clinical decision-making and professional behaviors toward more ecologically sustainable practices to improve the quality, safety and value of clinical care and protect public health. Dr. Sherman routinely collaborates with environmental engineers, epidemiologists, toxicologists, health economists, health administrators, health professionals, and sustainability professionals.

D3 – General Anesthetic Controversies: TIVA or Gas?

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Anesthesiologists seek to provide safe and comfortable patient experiences, and have many approaches to achieve these goals. The topic of TIVA vs inhalational anesthetic has received attention over the past few years in regards to outcomes such as POCD, cost, length of stay, and patient satisfaction.  A new discussion point has emerged in this debate […]

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A2 – Clinical Sustainability: What is it and How Do We Achieve it?

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Pollution is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality, globally responsible for 9 million premature deaths annually. While the health care sector is itself a major emitter of environmental pollutants, many examples have shown that reducing pollution can improve both public health and the triple bottom line of the health service sector. Many examples exist […]

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