John Andersen

John Andersen

Founder and President, Greenleaf Advisors, LLC

John Andersen is founder and President of sustainability advisory firm Greenleaf Advisors, where he helps enterprises achieve sustainable solutions to energy, water, material reuse, and land resource needs. John is also President of Greenleaf Communities, a nonprofit that organizes multi-disciplinary teams to investigate environmental influences on health and inform business practices and policies.

Greenleaf has deep experience with water resources and provides services in collaboration with its board members (e.g. Brian Richter on water security and Don Wuebbles on climate) and client partners (e.g. Resources for the Future). John works with innovative technology companies like Opti on stormwater management and water quality and several water purification systems.

Previously, John was International Director at JLL, where he worked on corporate real estate services in the U.S. as well as the company’s expansion into China. He was Great Lakes Director of The Nature Conservancy, where he led conservation work across the region.

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