Kara Murray, PharmD

Kara Murray, PharmD

Senior Director of Clinical Therapeutics and Pharmacy, HCA Healthcare

Kara L. Murray is the Senior Director of Clinical Therapeutics and Pharmacy for HCA Healthcare in Nashville, Tennessee. Dr. Murray works to drive high-risk regulatory compliance in Non-Sterile, Sterile and Hazardous compounding and to ensure project compliance related to pharmaceutical waste and sustainability. In addition to regulatory compliance, Dr. Murray is a board-certified Pediatric Pharmacy Specialist. She collaborates with the HCA Women’s and Children’s Services group to provide clinical and therapeutic recommendations for pediatric and maternal patients across the HCA Healthcare enterprise, which includes approximately 185 affiliated inpatient institutions. She also provides clinical pharmacy leadership to the HCA Physician Services team.

Dr. Murray is an adjunct clinical faculty member for Lipscomb, and University of Tennessee Colleges of Pharmacy. She is also a member of HCA’s Sustainability Steering Committee.

Dr. Murray received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from West Virginia University and her MBA degree from Western Governors University. She completed both a Pharmacy Practice Residency and a Pediatric Specialty Residency at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. Dr. Murray is a Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist. Prior to her employment at HCA’s Corporate Offices, Dr. Murray served as the Neonatal and High-Risk Obstetric Clinical Pharmacy Specialist at Centennial Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Pharmaceuticals that are considered hazardous drugs under the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) are not necessarily the same drugs that become hazardous pharmaceutical waste under the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). When someone says “hazardous drugs” how does a healthcare provider know which rules and standards apply, when they apply, and what Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) must […]