Kate Gottlieb, MHE, CHES

Kate Gottlieb, MHE, CHES

Sustainability Program Coordinator, Virginia Mason Memorial Hospital

Kate is the Sustainability Program Coordinator for Virginia Mason Memorial Hospital. Kate works to assist, enhance and establish sustainable best practices with department leaders on Less Waste, Leaner Energy, Greening the OR, Healthier Food in Healthcare, Safer Chemicals, Environmental Preferable Purchasing, and many other topics and issues. Kate founded and leads the Green Team who helps influence change throughout the organization and inspires leadership’s engagement. Kate’s education in Public Health drives her passion for environmental sustainability and environmental change to influence behavior change. “Now that I am a mother, going to work every day has a new meaning, I am determined to help minimize our footprint for the next generation.” Kate hopes that she can influence others through education and outreach to drive policy and guidelines for organizational change to help the environment. In Kate’s free time she enjoys spending time with her family and planning new adventures and experiences.

B5 – Green Benefits: Implementing Employee Perks in Your Organization

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Recruitment, retention and satisfaction is on the mind of health care leaders. 2018 marked an 18.5 percent turnover rate in the health care sector, the highest rate in a decade. Last year, 24 percent of new hires left within a year.  High turnover combined with health care growth is creating staffing gaps, which impact the […]

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