Katie Wickman, MS, RN, CIC

Katie Wickman, MS, RN, CIC

Sustainability Manager at Advocate Aurora Health

Katie Wickman, MS, RN, CIC is the sustainability manager at Advocate Aurora Health in Illinois and Wisconsin. She is a registered nurse with past experience in clinical nursing and infection prevention in a hospital setting. Her education includes a master of science degree in nursing (DePaul University, IL), a bachelor of science degree in biology (St. Norbert College, WI), and certification in infection control. Ms. Wickman has influence in all areas of Advocate’s sustainability program and plays key roles in the development of healthy and sustainable standards and practices at Advocate and among its 70,000 team members. She represents Advocate Aurora Health in several national market transformation groups, the Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council Healthcare Facilities Advisory Board, and the Health Care Climate Council, working to advance health and sustainability throughout the health care sector.

H7 – Policy Advocacy to Advance Sustainability Goals

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As the only sector with a healing mission, hospitals and health systems bring a unique moral credibility to the public conversation about climate change and clean energy. Engaging in policy advocacy to support climate solutions can help them achieve their sustainability goals, as well as protect patient and public health. In addition to reducing emissions […]


C7 – Financial Solutions to Climate Change: How You Can Make a Difference

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Evidence that fossil fuels pose serious threats to public and planetary health is overwhelming. Health care is responsible for nearly 10 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, which is inconsistent with healthcare’s mission to “do no harm.” While healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations are increasingly making efforts to reduce their own carbon […]

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