Lisa Del Buono, MD

Lisa Del Buono, MD

Citizens' Climate Lobby / Munson Medical Center

Lisa Del Buono is a practicing surgical pathologist who trained at the University of Michigan and stayed as an assistant professor with expertise in GI, breast, and liver transplant pathology. In 2000, Lisa moved her family to beautiful Northern Michigan where she has practiced in a large community practice for nearly 19 years. When Lisa became aware of the fact that climate change was likely to play a significant role in her son’s future, and the future of most young people, she volunteered with the non-partisan advocacy organization Citizens’ Climate Lobby. Since 2013, she has served as chapter leader, health action team organizer, youth organizer, and liaison to her member of Congress. Lisa has spent much of her free time educating the public and legislators about the human health impacts of our changing climate and how placing a fee on emissions would minimize those impacts.

C7 – Financial Solutions to Climate Change: How You Can Make a Difference

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Evidence that fossil fuels pose serious threats to public and planetary health is overwhelming. Health care is responsible for nearly 10 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, which is inconsistent with healthcare’s mission to “do no harm.” While healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations are increasingly making efforts to reduce their own carbon […]

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