Mayra Hernández

Mayra Hernández

Nutrition & Farmers Market Coordinator, Adelante Mujeres

Mayra joined Adelante Mujeres in 2011 as a teacher’s assistant in the Early Childhood Education Program. Today, Mayra is Adelante’s Farmers Market and Nutrition Coordinator. In her role she supports the Forest Grove Farmers Market. In addition, she coordinates the Produce Rx initiative, a partnership with Virginia Garcia Health Center. In this initiative Mayra hosts cooking and nutrition classes for community members along with supporting them with voucher incentives to have access to fresh veggies and fruits at the farmers market. She has also been instrumental in promoting healthy lifestyles for women by designing and implementing a workshop series titled “Compartiendo Te.” This workshops series is designed to support a women’s group that focuses on mental health as a complement to the Produce Rx Program. Mayra is passionate about creating strong relationships with Latina women in our community to encourage and support them on how to live a healthy life.

C8 – Food Prescriptions for Health

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The health care sector is deepening its understanding of addressing the health needs of their patients and community through interventions outside of their hospital walls, and new strategies are emerging to address healthy food access and diet related health conditions. To compound the positive community impact, many of these programs are being designed to support […]

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