Meghan Warren, DO

Meghan Warren, DO

Physician Anesthesiologist at the University of Wisconsin

Dr. Meghan Warren is a physician anesthesiologist at the University of Wisconsin. She has presented several employee engagement sessions for sustainability initiatives with a focus on creative methods. Dr. Warren has co-authored Promoting Sustainable Practices via Art in the Journal Anesthesiology with Karin Zuegge. She has also created 3D vial cap artwork as well as collaborated with Karin Zuegge to create several vial cap art pieces on display at University Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin.

C3 – Greening the OR? Behavioral Science to the Rescue

Cumberland 3/4

Getting started with greening the operating room can be a daunting task. Front-line clinicians in the fast-paced, high-intensity operating room (OR) environment face many challenges. Engaging clinicians in green practices and encouraging sustainable culture change is a process that requires thoughtful, ongoing efforts. Many change endeavors fail, and lead to employee dissatisfaction, inefficiencies, or issues […]

Clinical advocacy Greening the OR