Mike Wallace

Mike Wallace

Partner, BrownFlynn, an ERM Group company, Interim Executive Director, Social & Human Capital Coalition

Mike’s 20+ years of international experience in the sustainability field provides BrownFlynn clients and strategic partners with a global view of the sustainability landscape. Having given expert testimony to the European Commission, U.S. Securities Exchange Commission, Environmental Protection Agency and the General Services Administration, and having presented on the topic of sustainability and reporting at an array of executive level conferences and meetings. Mike worked for ERM US and Australia during the first part of his career. His expertise in the field is highly regarded and valued by a wide range of colleagues and organizations around the world.



I2 – Alignment of Health Care Sustainability Metrics with Existing CSR Reporting Frameworks

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This session will explore why health care should be addressing sustainability in the context of other corporate reporting frameworks, including the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), SASB and others. It will look at existing health care sustainability metrics through the lens of potential alignment with existing reporting frameworks, will highlight […]