Molly Herr, MD

Molly Herr, MD

Pediatric Anesthesiologist, Mayo Clinic

Dr. Molly Herr is a pediatric anesthesiologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Dr. Herr first became interested in healthcare sustainability in 2017 after hearing a lecture on anesthesia gases and their environmental impact. Since that time, she has focused on decreasing the use of desflurane and nitrous oxide which are particularly harmful. She is working with residents and student nurse anesthetists on projects to decrease the anesthesia footprint by recycling, reducing and re-using. Additionally, Dr. Herr is on several committees including the OR Recycling and Blue Wrap Committee and the Anesthesia Equipment Committee.

A3 – Driving an Anesthetic Gas Guzzler? Engage Clinicians and Reduce Anesthetic Gas Footprint

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