Monica Livingston

Monica Livingston

Senior Operations Manager, WMSS PharmEcology Services

Monica Livingston has been involved in the healthcare industry for more than 25 years. Monica has performed numerous roles ranging from new business systems development to customized on-site consulting and training. Starting in retail pharmacy, Monica was responsible for the placement and pricing of products. Monica co-founded Capital Returns, Inc., a pharmaceutical reverse distributor in the Midwest, in 1991 and assumed increasing levels of responsibility as Operations Manager, Director, Research and Development, VP of Operations and VP New Business Development, through 1999. Monica has extensive experience in the operations of reverse distribution, regulatory compliance and pharmaceutical waste management, having been responsible for over 200 employees of operations, developing and maintaining compliant pharmaceutical waste programs and auditing major hazardous waste treatment facilities.

For the past 18 years, Monica has applied her regulatory knowledge and pharmaceutical waste experience in the healthcare industry designing and implementing services to properly segregate and manage pharmaceutical waste generated primarily by acute care hospitals and retail pharmacies. In 2009, Monica Livingston transitioned to Waste Management through the purchase of PharmEcology Associates. Under the Director of New Business Development, Monica is currently responsible for managing and delivering all services provided by WMSS PharmEcology Services including on-site consulting, training and auditing for hundreds of healthcare clients. Monica works closely with WM Sustainability Services Integrated Customer Solutions to provide expertise in the area of pharmaceutical waste management.

B3 – Hazardous Pharmaceutical Waste: EPA Update

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Regulations on the management and disposal of controlled substances in 2014 and hazardous pharmaceuticals in 2018 have complicated the health care clinician’s role in management and disposal. These regulations have been misinterpreted, misunderstood and misapplied by generators, product and service providers, and regulators. This presentation will identify and simplify the complex regulatory and environmental issues […]