Monika Sheikh

Monika Sheikh

Sustainability Program Administrator, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

As NewYork-Presbyterian’s Sustainability Program Administrator, Monika is responsible for partnering with all levels of the hospital to strategize ways to integrate sustainability into the business and into the goals and objectives of the organization. In her role, she oversees the continuous improvement of NYP’s comprehensive environmental management systems. This includes waste reduction and handling, resource conservation, and other vital measures in social responsibility. Additionally, Monika manages the NYPgreen program, which is designed to engage community partners, hospital leadership and all employees in NewYork-Presbyterian’s sustainability efforts.

Prior to her role at NYP, Monika served as Vice President of Special Projects for Allison Rockefeller’s philanthropic initiatives, supporting local and national conservation efforts, with a special focus on promoting opportunities for women interested in careers in science and the environment. Monika holds a BA in Political Science from Villanova University.

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